Welcome to the Art of Ray Baughman

Welcome to the world of creation! I’m an artist and writer who uses various mediums to paint a brighter picture of our world. In my eyes, everyone has a unique story waiting to be told. I find inspiration in old photographs, envisioning the worlds they existed in, and I delve into aged newspaper articles to catch a glimpse of the lives that preceded us.

My mission is simple yet profound: to be a source of joy, a reason to smile, and a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. Much like my fascination with lighthouses, which captivate us through the beauty of their warning lights, I aim to illuminate the beauty in the world. However, my primary duty is to alert you to the potential pitfalls that surround us.

Navigating this path carries its own risks. I could easily become a harbinger of doom, but that’s not who I want to be. No one enjoys the company of the person who constantly predicts the end of days. I’ve also chosen not to be the one perched atop an ivory tower, passing judgment on others, for often, that person is the chief of sinners.

Instead, picture me as someone who’s just arrived in town, with a bit of seaweed in my hair, possibly still dripping with saltwater from the ocean, and maybe even a starfish clinging to my back. I’m here to tell you that the seas can be rough out there, and if you can avoid some of the routes I’ve taken, your journey might be smoother. My advice is rooted in my own experiences, offered humbly and without an air of superiority. Heroes in my stories don’t seek to prove their greatness; they simply strive to do what’s right.

Yes, I did just call myself a hero, albeit loosely. I believe I’m destined for something heroic, something that I’d willingly give my life for in the defense of true freedom, a freedom that we often know too little about.

I’ll pause here before this turns into a manifesto. Thank you for visiting my page. For a deeper dive into the spiritual realm, please explore thequantumstew.com.