My Background

 I originated in AZ, was raised in CA, and I've lived here in Washington now for over 18 years. It's been a pleasure raising my two young boys up here in the PNW. As artist I get to work hands on with so many wonderful people. The beautiful climate and weather inspires me daily. It constantly feeds my imagination helping me to create. 

Growing through self expression

      I've dabbled in so many aspects of creative expression and mediums, from music, cook, to woodwork, drawing, and painting.  I’ve participated in countless art shows and events all of which are helping me to better understand not only my purpose, but my craft and the kind of artist I want to be and how I fit in this vast art community.             

behind the stage


It’s always tricky trying to summarize my art, what each project means to me. Whether it's a mural or canvas work I have always been fascinated with the untold story, what takes place behind the scenes. Through some abstract, or some surrealism. That is basically what inspires a lot of my art. Making the unseen visible, or at least directing your attention to the askew.  

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